Introducing the world's first software mapping platform

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Use Cases

For everyone

Aplas is designed to bring everyone around a single source-of-truth for software asset metadata. Software is the common thread between architecture, development, operations, security and management. We expose a shared view that everyone can agree on - your organization's software map.

Click through the tabs above to see how Aplas can facilitate use-cases across your technology organization.

For architecture

More systems, more complexity, but how to visualize?

Aplas provides the ability to visualize your entire software architecture on a single software map. A map can be generated, then kept up-to-date without any intervention.

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For management

Software is an essential aspect of business decision making. But management are often left in the dark without the intelligence to make the right decisions.

Software mapping is a breakthrough capability to allows management to understand complex systems of software.

Aplas' styling allows architects to create financial, risk, or any view that might be of benefit. These views are kept in sync with the organizations software map to ensure they are always up-to-date.

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Aplas is REA's key product to make sense of our microservices web. As the number of systems, integrations, teams and products increased our ability to understand our ecosystem decreased. With Aplas we now can visualize our digital eco-system allowing us to make better decisions and effectively manage technology evolution. Aplas has a flexibility that perfectly accommodates our metadata, allowing systems plotted on the map to carry valuable information. This information is used by delivery, business and product people alike.
Daniel Aragao
REA Group Lead Architect
... We're pretty excited to see this product evolve and to see what's possible with the automated collection of metadata. It should be possible, for example, to expose architectural fitness functions such as run cost to create visualizations of how much is being spent on cloud infrastructure. Understanding which systems talk to other systems via which technology is another problem we often face and Aplas can visualize it for us.
ThoughtWorks TechRadar
Technology Advisory Board
Technology Radar - November 2019
Aplas provides us with visibility across our entire IT Portfolio using a language that reduces complexity and risk of our SaaS and traditional IT investments. With this tool we can describe how our platform works to business, IT security and risk teams.
Tom Leydon
Global Leader Information Technology


Understanding Aplas

There are 3 key funcational areas of Aplas that act as a pipeline for your software asset metadata.

Connect/Index > Map/Style > Publish

This pipeline ensures everything is kept in sync, in real-time. So updating a document in Confluence will immediately update a published map without intervention.

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A living index

There are many repositories for software asset metadata. From project documentation, to source-code, to enterprise architecture tools.

A software index is designed to create a high-level, workflow-agnostic, centralized source-of-truth for software asset metadata.

Aplas provides APIs, webhooks, and packaged connectors to keep your software asset metadata in-sync.

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A place for software

Software mapping is a breakthrough new field designed to allow anyone to understand software at scale.

Creating a software map is just the beginning. You can publish our metamap interface out directly, you can also design your own map with our style designer. Customizing everything, except for the positions of the applications, regions, and channels.

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Software literacy

The primary purpose of Aplas is to publish information to your organization.

We have a growing list of user interfaces that can be published to your landing page. Metasearch is a Google Search like interface, while metamap is a Google Maps like interface.

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