Built, secured, and always ready for enterprise


Data encrypted in transit and at rest with AWS managed services


We maintain high levels of availability with active deployments and multiple DCs


Partner with Auth0 for authentication (SOC2 certified)


Annual and ongoing penetration tests conducted
Aplas Trust Portal


Security is built into the fabric of Aplas. We employ numerous controls to safeguard your data including encryption in transit across our cloud services, external vulnerability research and more.


Our Terms of Service and Privacy Policy outline what you agree to when using Aplas, and the procedures we take to ensure that your information is handled responsibly, and in accordance with applicable data protection and privacy laws. We’re grateful for your trust, and we’ll act that way.


We maintain high levels of availability with multiple geographically diverse data centers and robust Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity programs. Physical access to our data centers is strictly controlled with comprehensive security measures by our data center hosting partners.

Aplas Enterprise Plan

Our enterprise plan is tailed specifically for enterprise. It includes features specific to the needs of enterprise, like auditing, SLAs, and corporate identity integration.

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