Software mapping for LeanIX

Mark Crawshaw
Mark Crawshaw
May 30, 2022
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Today, we are announcing the release of our official LeanIX connector and five new style templates that support the LeanIX meta-model. Together they represent a seamless capability to translate your LeanIX inventory into a language the rest of your technology organization can understand.

Rapid setup and sync

The new LeanIX connector provides one-way LeanIX to Aplas synchronization. Mapping is fully automated, with the ability to transfer your entire LeanIX inventory with a single click. Once transferred, Aplas will monitor LeanIX to ensure both systems are always in-sync moving forward.

Aplas new connector form

Software landscape visualization

Aplas brings the power of software mapping to LeanIX. Every application, interface, IT component, process, project, and transformation, can be displayed in a single visualization.

This capability is a game-changer for IT organizations seeking to improve decision-making and consensus around complex software landscapes. For more background on software mapping, read out article on [Visualizing Complex Systems of Software].

Out-of-the-box mapping

Aplas has full support for the LeanIX meta-model. Here's how LeanIX fact sheets line up with Aplas index items.

  • Application <> Application
  • Provider<> Application vendor
  • Interface <> Integration
  • Data Object <> Integration Payload
  • Business Capability <> Tag Group (Business Capability) / Tag
  • User Group <> Tag Group (User Group) / Tag
  • Project/Transformation <> Collection
  • Process <> Collection
  • IT Component <> Component

Each of these mappings has a standard set of automated field mappings, with Aplas automatically creating Aplas custom fields as needed. In addition, custom LeanIX fields can be mapped using our manual mapping mode.

Aplas LeanIX connector mapping

New style templates

We are also announcing five new theme templates that support specific LeanIX use cases. These include:

  • Application Business Criticality
  • Application Completeness (percentage + quality seal)
  • Application Cost (totalled from IT component costs)
  • Application Functional Fit
  • Application Technology Fit
Aplas new style form

These style templates are just the start of what is possible with the Aplas style designer.

Step-by-step guide

You can take Aplas for a spin on a 30 day trial and build your first software map in around 10 minutes.

  1. Sign up for an Aplas account at
  2. (optional) Run through our walkthrough to get familiar with the Aplas data flow.
  3. Create a blank Aplas index for your LeanIX inventory.
  4. Create a LeanIX Technical User with admin privileges (while we only read from your inventory, we need to set up a webhook to receive real-time updates). Make sure you record the secret key for the next step.
  5. Create a new LeanIX connector in Aplas, specify the blank Aplas index, your LeanIX domain and secret key.
  6. Click the "Rebuild" button to complete an initial load. You should see your fact sheets queued and then successfully processed. Check for any failed fact sheets and correct any mapping/data issues.
  7. Start creating maps, styles and publications to share your EA inventory.

Once setup, we recommend you invite other users in the Aplas config area.

Embedding within LeanIX dashboards

Once you've published an interface in Aplas, it is then possible to embed the publication within a LeanIX dashboard. Maybe you have a dashboard that summarises your application function fit and wish embed a functional fit style. See our docs for more information

Aplas LeanIX embedding

Connector docs

To learn more about the Aplas LeanIX connector, head to If you bump into any issues, please reach out to us via the help icon in the top-right of Aplas Studio.


About LeanIX

LeanIX is a global SaaS platform helping organization to analyze and plan their Enterprise Architecture in order to build better products and succeed in digital transformation. The core of the product is an extendable inventory that comes with a browser-based user interface and a smartphone app.

About Aplas

Aplas is a global SaaS platform dedicated to broadening the understanding of software ecosystems. By publishing software asset metadata in a form that anyone can understand (software mapping), Aplas acts as a gateway for the technology organization to understand enterprise architecture concerns.