Introducing Metamap v3

Mark Crawshaw
Mark Crawshaw
Apr 8, 2022
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Today we're introducing the 3rd major release of our Metamap interface. Metamap provides an intuitive method to navigate your software landscape, especially when you're unsure of the exact search query. It's like Google Maps, but for software asset metadata.

Let's dive into some of the new capabilities.

Application icons

There’s no need to manually upload application icons any more. Just set the vendor name (preferable a unique domain name - like and we will obtain the latest company logo on the fly and present it in high-resolution on your map. If the application/system/service is built internally just use your organisation’s domain.

Application lifecycle status

Non-‘standard’ application lifecycle status’ are now displayed in metamap. This means regardless what is being searched for, you are always aware of the lifecycle status. Proposed, phase in, phase out and retired status are each given a colour (zoomed-out) and appropriate icons (zoomed-in).

Improved interaction styling

We have significantly revamped the styling to improve interaction and readability at all zoom levels. This includes new animation when hovering over applications, smoother transitions when zooming in/out, and many minor changes to improve clarity.

Colorful themes

We're introducing two new themes, Colorful Light and Colorful Dark. They are similar to our existing standard themes, except we bring some colour from your application tags.

Don't forget you can create your own completely customized theme if you are looking to match your organization's brand further. Defined in a simple JSON format, head over to our docs site for templates that will help you get started.

User-based settings

It's always been possible to customise the Metamap interface for all users, but now users can configure specific settings themselves. Also, we now automatically set a range of settings based on the users' screen size and device, allowing Metamap to better adapt without any configuration.


  • Control rendering resolution: If you have having performance issues you can now reduce rendering resolution and/or disable anti-aliasing.
  • Improved performance: Improved performance, especially for larger maps.
  • Miscellaneous fixes

Create your own software map

Want to see more? If you have a spare 10 minutes, sign up for a trial account and run through our walkthrough. The last step is to publish the Metamap Interface with our demo data. Head over to our sign up page.